FRIDAY CLASS SCHEDULE 7AM Class, 9AM Class, 10:30AM KIDS, 12PM Core&Cardio, 1PM HIIT/Sculpt, 4PM Mobility, 5PM Class

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Lovely Rita
3 rounds
1 min Goblet Squat
1 min KBS
1 min Double Unders
1 min DB Push Press
1 min Mountain Climbers
1 min Rest

Warm Up
2 roundof
:30 Alternating Spiderman
:30 Good Mornings
:30 Singles
:30 Air Strict Press
:30 Plank

Goblet Squat
:30 Air Squats
10 Goblet Squats

Kettlebell Swing
5 KB Deadlift
5 Hip Pop
5 Russian Swing
5 American Swing

Double Unders
:15 Singles
:15 High Singles
:15 Double Taps
:15 Double Unders

Dumbbell Push Press
:30 Air Push Press
10 Light DB Strict Press (5 + 5)
10 1/4 Dip and Stand (5 + 5)
10 Push Press (5 + 5)

Mountain Climbers
10 Slow Mountain Climbers
10 Mountain Climbers

Goblet Squat- Air Squat, Wall Sit

KB Swing- Eye Level, KB Deadlift, Jumping Good Morning
DU- Singles, Double Taps, Jumping Jacks, Line Hops, Row, Bike, Ski
Push Press- Air Push Press, Strict Press, Floor Press
Mountain Climbers- High Knees, Plank Shoulder Tap, Inchworm to Plank

Tabata Time

 Question of the Day
What is your favorite Beatles song?