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The current workout of the day will be posted to this Vimeo page 30-45 minutes after the 7 AM live class.

“Bennie” Class
For Time:
100 Dumbbell Snatches
100 Burpees

“Bennie” Limited/No Equipment Edition
For Time:
100 Odd Object Ground to Overhead or Tuck Jumps
100 Burpees

General Warm-Up
:30 Jog + Back Pedal around the DB/Backpack (switch directions @ :15)
1:00 Walkout to Spiderman (each leg)
:30 Side Shuffle around DB/Backpack (switch directions @ :15)
1:00 Samson + Hamstring stretch (alternating legs)
:30 Tuck Jumps (no rebounding)
1:00 Strict Burpees (step down, push-up, step-up, jump+clap)

Class Specific Warm-Up
5 DB Strict Press + 5 ¼ Squats w/ DB Overhead (each arm)
:20 DB Hang Snatches Right Arm
:20 DB Hang Snatches Left Arm
:20 DB Deadlifts (alternating hands)
:20 DB Snatches (alternating hands)

3 Step Down + Step Up Burpees
3 Jump Down + Step Up Burpees
3 Jump Down + Snap Up or WOD Style Burpees

Limited/No Equipment Warm-Up
5 Odd Object Presses + 5 ¼ Squats w/Odd Object Overhead
:20 Hang Odd Object to Overhead
:20 Odd Object Deadlifts
:20 Odd Object Ground to Overhead

:20 Little Tuck Jumps
:20 Medium Tuck Jumps
:20 Full Tuck Jumps

3 Step Down + Step Up Burpees
3 Jump Down + Step Up Burpees
3 Jump Down + Snap Up or WOD Style Burpees

Warm-Up Round
6 DB Snatches/Odd Object Ground to Overhead
6 Burpees

Decrease Reps- 80/70/60 reps of each movement
DB Snatch/Odd Object GTO- deadlifts, power cleans, push press
Burpees- 5 min time domain, Burp/Up Down, Accumulate 3-4 mins in a plank

WOD Guidance
Start off with smart sets on the Snatches/GTOH, but should be doing at least 10 reps per set!
This is your buy in to the burpees. When you get to the burpees here’s the challenge: Can you stay moving the whole time?! Answer: YES! You certainly can!!! Break them up into smaller sets in your head, but just keep moving! Once you get to your final 15-20 reps, time to turn on the afterburners!!

Question Of The Day-
If you could be one Big Cat, which one would you be?