:30 Handstand Hold
:30 Squat Hold
:30 L-Sit Hold
:30 Chin Over Bar Hold

WOD Guidance:
This workout is completely different and it’s going to test our ability to hold an isometric contraction. In our best understanding, muscles work according to something called sliding filament theory. In an individual muscle fiber, two different types of filaments partially join together, similar to the teeth of a zipper. With the expenditure of energy, the ends of either filament are drawn closer together, causing the fiber to shorten and the overall muscle to become shorter in length or “contract.”
There are three types of muscle contraction. The one we’re most familiar with is a concentric contraction, where the muscle is actively becoming shorter and lifting an object against the force of gravity. The second type is an eccentric contraction, where gravity is causing an object to fall and we’re lowering it slowly and under control. The most common example of this type of contraction is a pull-up negative. The third type of contraction is isometric. In an isometric contraction, our muscles are fighting to stay the SAME length while the force of gravity is using a load to attempt the LENGTHEN the muscle. This is the type of contractile ability we’re testing today. Because this type of contraction is so far from something we would train normally, expect to have to take many breaks and have this be a humbling workout, even for very advanced athletes.

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