“Seventeen Again”
3 Rounds
1 min Shuttle Runs
1 min DB Snatches
1 min C2 Machine
1 min DB Box Step Ups
1 min Strict Burpees
1 min Rest

WOD Guidance:
Today we have a 17 minute workout which follows the same format as “Fight Gone Bad” (5 one minute stations followed by one minute of rest, for 3 rounds). This workout also introduces two new movements in the shuttle run and the strict burpee. Shuttle runs are an interesting movement because we’re changing direction so frequently. As such, we actually aren’t able to increase our output on shuttle runs by trying to run faster to the other end of the course. Rather, we can be more efficient by changing direction at the turnaround point as fast as possible. The strict burpee is a burpee variant where we do a full push-up at the bottom of our rep, rather than doing the “belly flop” mechanic that we associate with traditional burpees. If we’re thinking about how to scale strict burpees today, we can elevate our hands for the push-up. If that proves too challenging we can also do up-downs, removing the pressing phase of the burpee entirely.

What was your favorite movie as a teenager?

Box Brief:
Come Celebrate 10 Years of Fitness in Southborough,
Saturday July 16th at TILT V starting @9:00am!