“Team Mini Tosh”
Teams of 2
6 rounds of
100m Run
200m Run
300m Run

WOD Guidance:
Today we have a version of the workout “Tosh.” This is a classic TILT partner interval! The first thing to understand whenever we do a version of “Tosh” is that both partners do the distance. So partner 1 does 100m, partner 2 does 100m, partner 1 does 200, partner 2 does 200, partner 1 does 300 and then partner 2 does 300. This means that the workout is slightly harder for partner 2, because they run 300m but then only get 100m worth of rest before they have to run again. Because both partners do the distance, this is a longer workout. If we do the full distances today, we can expect to run over 2 miles. As such, this workout will take most athletes anywhere from 25 – 35 minutes. If we’re someone who is put off by longer distances, we can scale by reducing the 300 to 200, or by mixing in a c2 bike for alternating rounds.

Which pro athlete carries their team the hardest?

Box Brief:
Come Celebrate 10 Years of Fitness in Southborough,
Saturday July 16th at TILT V starting @9:00am!