“Nice Girls”
Hang Power Clean 5×3

3 rounds
150 Double Unders
7 Muscle Ups
10 Hang Power Cleans @ 135/95

WOD Guidance:
​Today we have a 5×3 hang power clean where our goal is to lift a heavier weight for five sets. When we olympic lift, there are a couple really good reasons to lift from the hang. The first is that we actually build a lot of strength and muscle when we’re lowering weight under control. While lifting from the floor is awesome, we often deprive ourselves of the gains that we could be making lowering the weight by dropping it from the top. Another benefit to lifting from the hang is that it’s less technical than lifting from the floor. Arguably the most difficult aspect of weightlifting to master is lifting around the knees. When we lift from above the knee this aspect is removed and we can just focus on expressing power in the lift. This is why many college and professional sports strength and conditioning programs do all their lifting from the hang or from blocks. For our conditioning today, we’re doing a short triplet with muscle-ups and hang power cleans. Because the muscle-ups present such a hard stop for most people, we shouldn’t be as concerned with going unbroken on the barbell. We want to prioritize making the muscle-ups feel as good as possible. 150 double-under is a big number, but for most athletes this is a set that they should be able to complete in about 90 seconds.

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Box Brief:
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