Take those worried looks off your faces, it’s FRIDAY!

“Outta Time”
7×3 Hang Squat Clean

7 Hang Squat Cleans @ 115/80
25 Double Unders

What always seems to be over too soon?
WOD Guidance:
We have another two-part workout today that emphasizes the most common variant of the squat clean: the hang squat clean. The hang squat clean is ubiquitous in weight rooms across the world for two primary reasons: first, it’s much easier to teach athletes to do cleans from the hang, rather than running them through all the technical details involved with lifting around the knees. Second, when we deadlift the bar all the way up off the floor then lower it back into the hang we’re creating a greater strength stimulus for our lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. Today we’re looking to keep all of our sets of 3 unbroken, so you might find that these muscle groups actually become the limiting factor in your ability to lift more weight! For our conditioning today, it’s important to pick a weight that will challenge us, but allow us to do all seven squat cleans without breaking up the set.
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