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“LA Chargers”
5 rounds not for time:
10 Deadlifts @ 275/185
250m Row or Ski/500m Bike
20 Push-ups

WOD Guidance:
We’ve got a fun one today, with the twist of not being for time. Choose a deadlift load that’s challenging but will allow for 1-2 sets per round. For today, since we’re not going for time, it may be a great opportunity to use a machine you usually don’t or one you don’t particularly like and work to get better at it! Similarly, today may be a great chance to choose a more challenging that will allow us to work on those as well!

Box Brief:
TILT Rowathon – Saturday, Feb 11th @ 8:0am – Click HERE for all details!
4th Annual Affiliate Cup starts February 17th! Click HERE for all details.