Head Coach - CrossFit TILT III Wellesley, Customer Service Manager

Athletics, and competition are in my blood and I can say that CrossFit has been added to that list. It’s all about having fun while pursuing a healthier and stronger life with friends.

I’ve been involved in athletics my entire life; any sport you can think of, I played it at some point. In college I played lacrosse and that’s when I started focusing on working out and increasing my strength. After I graduated, I continued with the standard body building routines; however, I was missing something, the competition and team atmosphere. I needed it! That’s when I heard of CrossFit, but it wasn’t until I saw the CrossFit Games on TV and heard similar stories from a few of the athletes that I knew I had to give it a try. One could even say it was my, “that’s it” moment. I joined a CrossFit gym not too long after that, and it was a perfect fit.

The competition within myself every time I worked out replaced that game time feeling, and the community and family atmosphere of the gym brought me back to being part of a team. Now as a coach I have found my captain role once more leading my team towards winning the game of health and fitness and that’s something I love to do. Any day I can encourage a member in achieving their goal of being a healthier, stronger, and overall better version of themselves is a good day in my book.

• B.A. Saint Anselm College

Certifications and Qualifications
• CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Holder (CF-L2)

Athletic Achievements
• 4 Year Varsity Lacrosse, Saint Anselm College