“Struggles in life are meant to happen, struggles are meant to knock you down. Helping people get back up and face such struggles head on is the reason I coach.”

Being an athlete all my life drove me to eventually find CrossFit. As a college athlete, I was always fueled by competition and lived for the preparation of competition. After a grueling ankle injury, and being unable to compete at a high level in sport anymore, I had to find something that would align with my hard working personality. CrossFit is what I found. It was love at first sight. Hard work and the aspects of community fuel my love for CrossFit as well as my passion of helping others find their inner athlete. My passion in helping someone discover something they never thought was possible is the reason I coach. Seeing someone light up a room with excitement after hitting a PR is what I enjoy most as a coach.

• B.A. Exercise Science w/ minor in Coaching – Westfield State University

Certifications and Qualifications
• CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Holder (CF-L2)