Training is an avenue to practice the character skills that lead to our most fulfilled existence: bravery, perseverance, and perspective.

I love coaching CrossFit because the way we learn to endure discomfort in the gym is transferable to the discomfort we will encounter outside of the gym. Our training is preparation for life, both physically and mentally. This has always fascinated me, and so in 2015, I ended my career as a swim coach to pursue coaching CrossFit.

It’s also fun. Life can be really serious, so serious that we forget to find joy. I strive to coach classes that teach, inspire, and entertain. CrossFit has enriched my life in every way, from the friends I’ve made to the character I’ve built. I’m honored to be a part of athlete’s journeys to their favorite selves.

• CrossFit Level 3 Certificate Holder (CF-L3)
• Mindset Rx’d Course Certificate Level 2
• Adaptive Training Academy (ATA) Certification
• Aerobic Capacity Ambassador
• CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer