“I look to lead, teach, and inspire people to become better athletes and people.”

CrossFit was not my first love- that honor goes to soccer. I grew up in North Andover, MA where I started playing soccer at the age of 4 and still play to this day. But at this point in my life, I find myself at the CrossFit box more often than the soccer pitch. Life moves on, tastes and priorities change.

I stumbled upon CrossFit in May of 2012. I still remember my first workout! I didn’t just drink the kool aid, I CHUGGED it! I loved every aspect of it; the competition, the class setting, getting a great sweat, learning how to move better and learning about myself. When I first started as an athlete, I loved trying to set a high score, trying to beat it, or setting a PR. I learned about the obstacles that CrossFit always provided and the opportunities that it provided to overcome obstacles and become better. I became a sponge, trying to learn everything I could. This transitioned to learning as much as I could about how to move correctly and efficiently. This is what led me to becoming a coach. I enjoyed teaching others what I learned and having those athletes achieve those moments when things just click. In April of 2019, my whole world changed with the birth of my daughter. As a father, I wanted to be the best example possible, not just to my daughter, but to the CrossFit community and those that I coached. I strived to become a great father, person and coach. During the pandemic, another shift happened. With the death of George Floyd, racial topics came to the forefront. This made me think about race and how it played a role in my life. In the CrossFit world, Asians are not well represented. I wanted to represent Asians in the CrossFit community, to break the stereotype that we are physically weak and we can be strong. I wanted to show that we can be leaders, and mostly, I wanted to inspire people to be better, Asian or not.

My CrossFit goals have changed during this journey. All of these experiences have led me to becoming a passionate coach. I look to lead, teach, and inspire people to become better athletes and people.

• B.S. Mathematics Stonehill College

Certifications and Qualifications
• CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Holder (CF-L2)
• CrossFit Weightlifting Course
• CrossFit Advanced Coaching Concepts