When: Wednesday November 11th at 2:30-3:00
Who: Children Ages 6-10
Where: TILT V, 12 Southville Road, Southborough, MA
Cost: $15/class
TILT’s Kids‘ Fitness Classes focus on promoting health and fitness in a positive learning environment for children ages 6-9. We incorporate a variety of games, activities, and fitness challenges to help encourage social interactions and a fun environment. Our sessions are safe and effective for children of all levels and fitness backgrounds. Interested in signing your child up? Email Brian at brian@crossfittilt.com.

TILT Safety Protocols:

Indoor Facility Set-up:
Our Southborough location will be able to hold up to 12 children per session. All workout stations are separated 14 feet apart from each other. In addition, partitions have been made to create a barrier between stations. Masks will not be required once you are on your station. However, if you would like to wear a mask, you are more than welcome to! When leaving your station, masks must be worn. See our facility set-up below..

Class/Session Procedures:

  1. On the day of class, please wait in your car until 5 minutes before the class time.

  2. Put on your mask and walk through the front doors of TILT.

  3. Use the provided hand sanitizer, grab a disinfecting wipe, and head to an open station. Once on a station, children may take off their mask if they would like. Children will stay on their station for the entire class. All stations are separated to ensure social distancing. Additionally, we have made partitions to create barriers between participants. The equipment being used for the day will already be at each station. The equipment will be wiped down prior to class.

  4. After the workout, the instructor will drop off a disinfecting wipe at each station for the children to wipe down their equipment.

  5. After class is over, all participants must put on their mask and exit the building with their parent/guardian.

Class Checklist:

  1. Mask

  2. Water Bottle


  1. Will I be able to stay to watch my child take class? Yes! We will have chairs socially distanced throughout the gym for parents/guardians to watch. We will be requiring all parents/guardians to wear a mask at all times while in the gym.
  2. Will the bathrooms be open? Yes- they will be open. You must wear a mask while in the restrooms. Only one person will be allowed in the restroom at a time.
  3. Will the water fountain be open? Yes- for refills only. Please have your child bring their own water bottle(s).

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Brian at brian@crossfittilt.com.