Kat Pellegrini

Announcing your TILT V October Member of the Month, Kat Pellegrini!!

Congratulations Kat on the well deserved recognition! Most of you probably know Kat because you can find her at a variety of different class times throughout the week, from the 5:30am or 6:30 am classes to 4:30pm classes, and on Saturday mornings! Also if there is a TILT event, Kat is there! Most recently as part of the Costume Contest winning team for the Halloween Throwdown! It just goes to show your dedication, whatever time you can make a class you make it happen and show up! Way to go Kat!

As always we asked Kat a few Honorary Member of the Month Questions to get to know her a little bit better!

What’s something that most people at TILT V may not know about you?
Hm, I would say something about me is that I work at a school for kids with autism and I’m currently getting my Masters of Science in Behavior Analysis. I also used to coach part time before the pandemic.

Where’s your favorite place in the world?
I haven’t really traveled around the world, but out of places in New England I would say Acadia National Park

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about trying CrossFit?
My advice for someone wanting to try CrossFit is to go for it! I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into and was nervous at first, but I’m so happy I tried. I remember my first day I thought I was going to have to run 3 miles, when I could barely run 1. It definitely helped having amazing coaches that helped modify workouts and to get me to where I am today!

If there was a workout named “Kat”, what would the workout be or what movements would the workout consist of?
For my workout I would do an AMRAP of burpees

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would want to buy?
The first thing I would do if I won the lottery would be to travel. I haven’t traveled much, but I would love to go to Europe.