January Nutrition Challenge

When: Sunday, January 3rd – Sunday January 31st of the highly anticipated year 2021 baby!
Who: You!
Cost: FREE (no seriously, it cost’s $0)
How to Sign-up: Sign-up under your gym tab HERE

*After signing up, make sure to join our January Nutrition Challenge Facebook Group (previously our Community Cup Group)

Get ready for our January Nutrition Challenge! This 4 week nutrition challenge is meant to help us all dial in some healthy habits over the next month! After all, 20201 is for redemption, yes?! In addition, we will be making it a friendly competition between TILT gyms (Waltham, Sudbury, and Southborough/Wellesley). Members from each gym will be teaming up and holding each other accountable during the month of January. We will track our progress through a point scale, and post pictures/trash talk on our Facebook challenge group.

Tracking Points
Click HERE to track your daily points. (point system described below)

The Winner:
The winning gym will be selected based on:
-Average points of all gym participants

The Prize:
Bragging rights for the winning gym!
And…the TILT Cup trophy!

Point Scale
1. Eat Clean (1 point for every cup of fruit or vegetable/day) – 6 points max/day
2. Weekly Challenges – 1 point per weekly challenge – 2 points max/week
*The maximum amount of points each week is 44 points

Facebook Challenge Group

Click HERE to our January Nutrition Challenge Facebook group!

Post away to hold each other accountable (and talk trash) by sharing pictures, recipes, meal prep, and more!

Daily Nutrition Tips
Every day on our Facebook Challenge Group, our coaches will be posting nutrition tips, information, articles, videos, and more. Our goal is to provide knowledge and information to all participants throughout the four weeks that can be carried on throughout the year!

Eating Clean Guidelines
Aim to eat 6 cups of fruits and/or vegetables a day!
You will receive 1 point for every cup you eat during the day (max 6 points/day)

*You can measure the item cooked, canned (drained), frozen, or fresh.

Other Eating Clean Recommendations + Resources

*Our Eating Clean portion of the challenge is a spin-off of the 800 gram challenge that was introduced by EC Synkowski of Optimize Me Nutrition. We have found that this is a sustainable and effective way to dial in some healthy eating habits. For more tips and recommendations, check out the articles below!

The 800 Gram Challenge: https://optimizemenutrition.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/800gchallenge_onesheet.pdf

Nutrition for the 99%: https://optimizemenutrition.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/nutritionforthe99percent2.pdf

Weekly Challenges
Every week, we will have 2 different weekly challenges to earn points for your team. For each challenge you complete, you will receive 1 point (maximum of 2 points/week). Our coaches will dig deeper into these challenges at the beginning of every week.

ANYONE and EVERYONE can participate in and be successful in this competition no matter where you are! You can crush this competition from the comfort of your own home, and you SHOULD! Let’s show everyone that TILT V has some serious fight left in us. Who’s with me!?

xoxo Casey