No Weights, No Barbell, No Problem!
Improve Snatch Technique While at Home 

Although many of us do not have weights and barbells at home, there are still many things that can be done to improve your snatch technique.

What you need: PVC Pipe or Broomstick

Take a look below at some different exercises and warm-ups that can help dial in your olympic lifting technique!

Burgener Warm-up
Watch Coach Brian teach the burgener warm-up below..

Down and Up
-Most important aspect of the warm-up
-An extension of the ankles, knees, and hips (triple extension)
-Creates momentum and elevation of barbell

Elbows High and Outside
Focus: keep the bar close

Muscle Snatch
-Upper body strengthening exercise that teaches the pull, turnover, and finish position of the snatch
-Focus: strong turnover and active shoulder
-Finish position overhead- arms locked out, elbow pits facing up/elbows facing down, bar directly overhead

Snatch Lands (Power – 2”, 4”, 6”)
-Trains receiving position of snatch
-Focus: footwork + active shoulder

Snatch Drop (Full)
-Trains receiving position of snatch and builds speed and explosiveness
-Focus: footwork + active shoulder + bottom position

Learn more about the burgener warm-up here:

Burgener Skill Transfer Exercises
Watch Coach Brian teach the skill transfer exercises below..

Snatch Grip Push Press
-Focus: Overhead strength
-Strong dip + drive overhead

Overhead Squat
-Focus: Core strength
-Active shoulder overhead

Heaving Snatch Balance
-Focus: Arm Speed

Drop Snatch
-Focus: Foot/Arm Speed

Snatch Balance
-Focus: Drive/Foot/arm speed