TILT V Team of 3 Triathlon

CHANGE OF PLANS! This Friday, 4/16 is going to be cold, rainy, and less than ideal for hanging outdoors. So we’re pushing things back a week! I spy some nicer weather in the forecast down the line.

What– 5K Row, 5K Run and 10K Bike divided amongst all three teammates, and then a celebratory grill&chill (weather permitting)

When Friday, April 23rd at 4:30 PM (in place of the 4:30 AND 5:30 evening classes)
Brief at 4:35, Group Warmup at 4:45, Event Start by 5:00!

Where– TILT V

Sign up HERE

Okay, what’s going on here? I’m glad you asked. Join your TILT family and friends for a fun team of 3 throwdown! Each leg of the triathlon (5K Row, 5K Run and 10K Bike) will be completed in its entirety before moving on to the next, but each leg can be divided amongst teammates as desired. Each team will have one rower and one bike, and will be allowed to wipe down equipment between athletes. If multiples of machines are required for a single team, we will make it work! As ALWAYS, modifications will be offered for MAXIMUM participation. Anyone and everyone can join in on the fun.

TILT will be providing burgers, hot dogs, fruit salad, waters and seltzer post-WOD. Feel free to bring your own food (for yourself or to share) and beverages (alcohol acceptable, must be 21+).
Have a corn hole, Kan Jam, or other backyard game set handy? Bring it! We’ll set it up in the parking lot. BYO Chair!!!

IT IS NOT REQUIRED BY ANY MEANS TO BRING ANYTHING BUT YOURSELF– But if you’re planning on bringing ANYTHING, sign up on the “GRILL&CHILL” tab so we don’t end up with 87 bowls of fruit and 6 pounds of cheese (not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

Sounds AWESOME. How do I sign up? I knew you’d say that. You have a couple options- You can put together your own team of 3 and sign up an entire team at once. Team names are required at sign up, so get creative! Sign up HERE

This all sounds so fun, but I can’t find a team… Hey, no problem! If you’re flying solo, sign up on the “FREE AGENTS” tab… We’ll get you on a team! If you have 2 people and need a 3rd, please sign both of your names up side by side on the “FREE AGENTS” tab as well!

I’m nervous, I don’t want to come in last… Lucky for you, title of TILT V Triathlon Champion goes to the team who has the most gosh darn FUN. Getting fitter is just a bonus! Team names, costumes, uniforms, chants, etc. are ALL HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. Get creative and let’s have some FUN!

I really want to participate, but I’m not comfortable coming to the event… Participate from home! Have a rower, a bike, a real road bike, or a running route? Feel free to participate in any leg of the event on your own, sign up as a free agent, or even find some other teammates doing their workout from home! Technology is a beautiful thing– anything is possible when you can stay connected.

I can’t make it to the fitness, but I can make it for the grill and chill… Great, COME!

If you have any questions, please email me!