“Keep it Simple” May Challenge
When: Monday, May 3rd – Monday, May 31st
Where: TILT V, both in-person and virtual!
Why: Beach season is upon us, time to get shredded!
Cost: FREE!
*There will be no point tracking for this challenge, we are keeping it simple all the way through! You can post photos of meals,  #gregposes after WODs or photos with your workout buddies to keep yourself and others accountable!

“Keep it Simple” Challenge
“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”John Maeda

As the name states this challenge is going to be simple, no added sugar and 5:00 of movement/practice everyday from 5/3-5/31! 

Now simple does not always mean easy, it is not easy to avoid added sugars, as it is probably included in lots of your favorite things, and if you’re like myself are probably a little bit addicted to it! Why are we focusing on no added sugar you ask? 1. Eliminating added sugars from your diet alone is going to have you eating pretty well and 2. there are lots of positive changes eliminating sugar from your diet can cause! It can help reduce inflammation in your body, increase the quality of your sleep, lose weight, boost energy levels, and improve your ability to focus!

The other component to this challenge is 5:00 of movement/practice everyday. This is where you can get as creative (or uncreative) as you want! It can be 5:00 practicing a skill you want to improve (this can be workout or non-workout related!), it could be 5:00 of mobility, it could be some extra push-ups/pull-ups/air squats to get ready for Murph, or even 5:00 of burpees right when you wake up to get your day going! A little, but consistent practice can go a long way when trying to improve something!

As you’ve probably learned by many of the great workouts we do at TILT every week, simple doesn’t mean easy, but if you show up, put in the effort and stay consistent the results will show! I’m excited to get this going with you all very soon!

– SBJ, James