It’s time for the 5th Annual (1st Virtual) 24 HEROES Fundraiser!
Here’s EVERYTHING you need for this event.

To make a donation to our 24 HEROES Fundraiser, click HERE!
This link will be open throughout the event, and even until the Friday after the event.

To join us via Zoom, click HERE!
Zoom Meeting ID: 828 2481 5546

Opening Ceremonies begin at 9:00AM! Immediately following, we will be honoring one hero every hour, on the hour, for 24 hours, with a Hero Workout. There will be coaches on staff every hour. To make this event more accessible, along with the workouts, we have included modifications for those with Limited or No Equipment.

To see the schedule of workouts, along with the modifications for those workouts, Click HERE!

To see the schedule of events, including speakers, auction opportunities, workout themes, sponsors, and more… Click HERE!

To enter the Concept2 contest, please email Casey Bennett (
with the total amount you have raised ($500 minimum) by 10AM Monday morning (5/25).

To submit your score for the 1-Minute Max Burpee challenge, please email your total number of reps to Casey (

To learn more about Veterans Inc., click HERE.

To learn more about The Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation, click HERE.

We are thrilled you are joining us for this virtual fundraising event. None of this would be possible without your dedication to honoring our fallen heroes. There are, however, a few things we would like you to remember.

This event is not about proving athletic prowess. This event is not about PR’s. This event is not about running yourself into the ground.

This event is about showing up and honoring our fallen heroes.

Be mindful of the volume and frequency of the workouts you complete. Listen to your body, modify accordingly, and rest appropriately.

Coaches are here to help you. Not sure what to do after looking at the modifications? Ask.

Modifying a Hero WOD is not disrespectful.

These workouts can still be done in partners or teams! You may need to organize your approach ahead of time, but once your order of athletes is determined, a simple “thumbs up” into the screen can signal your remote teammate that it’s their turn to go!

Let’s make this a truly unforgettable experience. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.