What is your drop-in policy?
We charge $20 for a drop-in and $30 for a drop-in and a t-shirt. There are no pre-signups for classes. Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your desired class time to fill out a waiver.
Do you offer free trial classes?
Yes we do! Every Thursday all of our classes are open to the public at our Waltham, Sudbury, and Southborough facilities. Please drop in for the class that best fits your schedule, fill out a waiver at the front desk, and hop into class!
Do I need to do an Elements Class if I’ve done CrossFit before?
Nope! Come on in and we’ll get you setup with a membership! After that you’re ready to roll!
Do I need to do an Elements Class if I’ve never done CrossFit before?
Yes, you receive one free one-on-one elements class as part of your membership. Our elements class is your introduction to CrossFit’s methodology and its foundational movements to help prepare you for our CrossFit Classes. Come on in and we’ll get you set-up with a membership and schedule your free session!
If I’m dropping in, can I do my own programming on the side?
We’d love you to take class with us, but we understand if you’d rather follow your own programming. In Waltham our space is limited for individual programming, so our Sudbury location may work better for you.
How do I sign up for a membership?
Click HERE for more information.
Do you offer a 3 x a week membership?
Not at this time.
What is your class schedule?

Click HERE for our Waltham class schedule.
Click HERE for our Sudbury class schedule.
Click HERE for our Southborough class schedule.

Can I bring a friend on any other day than Thursday?
You sure can, as long as they’ve done CrossFit before! If not, please bring them only on Thursdays.
What discounts do you offer?
Click HERE for more information.
Do you offer childcare?

Not at this time. However, at all locations, we have a non-supervised area for children to hangout while their parents workout.

Do you have a late policy for class?
We do not! Try your best to get to class on time.
Do you have showers?

Yes, we have showers at our Waltham and Sudbury locations!

Are there pre-signups for class?
There are no pre-signups for class. Just show up!
Do I have to choose a class time and stick with it?
No. You are free to take any class, at any time!
Do you offer personal training?
Yes, we offer personal training. Contact us HERE if interested.