I have always been into sports and fitness. What was fun for me growing up was being a part of my baseball and football teams and getting to train and lift weights with the people I shared the same goals with. As an introvert, this was a key social component of my life and where I felt I belonged. An injury during my senior year of high school scared some college football recruiters away, and I kind of lost my way once I finished football and graduated.

I struggled for some time, trying to find a sense of direction again. Being on the football team really helped with structure and purpose, and lifting weights on my own just didn’t cut it.

When I found CrossFit back in 2013, I didn’t know anything about it. My boss at the time challenged me to do a workout at the gym she was attending, and I didn’t back down. Six years later, I’m glad I accepted that challenge. The sense of camaraderie is often understated. I remember how much fun it was to be a part of the class. There were so many different types of builds, abilities, and levels of experience. Yet, we were all able to be a part of each other’s journey and come together as one, for the WOD. Nobody cared if you finished first or last. If you were the strongest. It was about the work you put in, and nobody’s efforts were greater than another’s. Nothing else mattered. It was the equalizer, and I loved that.

A year later, I got my L-1 and since then I have been trying my best to help others find their own way while using CrossFit as the method to do so. Whether it’s about getting stronger, sport-specific training, or improving body composition, nothing beats coaching athletes of all ages and athletic backgrounds in one class. It’s helped me become a better person, and has truly changed my life for the better. It’s allowed me to find purpose again. I grew up in the city of Boston. I lost a few friends to gang violence and prison. I know life could have gone a very different way for me, and I’m grateful that I now get to coach every day. I look forward to helping people every class I lead, and lead them towards truly gaining a big sense of empowerment. I think CrossFit can teach us a lot about grit, and that if we can just walk through the doors and be willing to embrace the process, we become better versions of ourselves automatically. Much like life, it’s going to throw a whole bunch of different things at you every day. It’s going to be tough. Things are not going to go your way often. Even so, you are going to find a new appreciation for the smallest accomplishments you never thought possible. Some things you never imagined yourself capable of. That, plus the physical results you’ll see from it, will keep you coming back. You’ll find that the way you approach your workouts here will give you a big boost of confidence and you’ll catch yourself applying a lot of our values to your personal life outside of here. You become better prepared for the world. I truly believe it can empower anybody and prepare them for the way life operates, which is often outside of our comfort zone. Prepared for the unknown and the unknowable.

Certifications and Qualifications
• CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Holder (CF-L2)